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Our Therapies

Investing in massage is an investment in your health....

Therapeutic Swedish Massage: the most traditional form of relaxing massage you will experience. This full body treatment offers a true sense of calming that eases sore muscles, stimulates the soft tissue while relieving tension, effective at eliminating metabolic waste, relief from anxiety & migraine headaches. Enjoy hot towels on hand & feet with a tall glass of water.

  30 min. $ 55

  60 min. $ 75          

  90 min. $ 110

120 min. $ 140

Aromatherapy /Body Polish: we begin with the tradtional relaxing Swedish massage and gently massage the face and decolletage to rebuild collagen...cold marbles are then placed on the eyes to soften the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness.  Stress and our environment take a toll on our skin and eventually you will notice skin discolorations and uneven skin tones. Why not have that healthy glowing skin that is soft and supple? The healing benefits of an invigoration scrub /polish along with aromatic scents of essential oils is that they penetrate deep on a cellular level to expose new fresh glowing skin. All of our oils at your request are then infused with our body scrubs. This massage penetrates deep into the skin allowing a softer more luminous texture creating a tingling sensation while we remove dead skin and impurtities. Ideal for overworked calloussed  hands, feet, elbows, knees and ankles. Aromatherapy Massage is a  perfect combination of relaxation & ambiance of soft music, flowing water fountain and dim lit fireplace. We compliment your session with a keepsake scented candle, glass of mint infused water and an Andes mint. 

  90 min. $ 145

120 min. $ 180 (Out call Also Available For This Treatment..... Please call for pricing details)

Myofascial Release:a form of deep-tissue thatre-energizes the body by employing deep penetrating manipulation to specific muscle groups as well as restores range of motion and lengthening of the muscles. This is an excellent treatment for breaking down scar tissue while deeper pressure is targeted directly to knots to relieve pain and discomfort from over worked muscles. Finish off with hot towel for hands & feet and a tall glass of water.

  30 min. $ 65

  60 min. $ 85

  90 min. $ 120

120 min. $ 160

Neuromuscular /Trigger Point TherapyA successful form of deep-tissue bodywork can have long lasting benefits and improves circulation and posture. We use a heated oil with nice soothing pain relief as we locate specific pain, The oil is applied lightly to stimulate the muscle while providing relief from chronic pain, referred pain headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, gluteal pain as well as Sciatica and low back pain. Hot steamy towels are then applied to gently wipe the oiled areas and a tall glass of water is served.

30 min. $ 65

60 min. $ 85

90 min. $ 120

Pre /Post Event Sports Massage: This treatment starts as a full body while we specifically focus on designated areas for pre /post events. Designed for any athlete or anyone needing pre conditioning of bodywork or help with the post recovery process. We will incorporate pin and stretch methods that allow for more range of motion and mobility as well as flexibility. Let our professional's enhance your very best performance at any level during your sporting events, workout sessions. 

30 min. $ 70

60 min. $ 90

90 min. $ 125

Duet Together: Re-aquaint your souls in a Couples Swedish Massage that is so enjoyably relaxing. Full body strokes are applied while you bask in the sounds of sweet music, flowiing water fountain and dim lit fireplace ambiance sure to refire the intimacy and longing you've been wanting with your loved one. You will be served a Fresh Fruit platter, a glass of Sparkling Wine, 2 complimentary movie gift cards for the ultimate date night, while you sit on our Sette together for the last 15 minutes. It's quiet time, your together time. 

80 min. $ 170                      ((Add $30 for Hot Stone)) 

Ultimate Besties Getaway: Ultimate friends massage with you and your Bestie side by side enjoying some getaway relaxation, cool ambiance and soft spa music  Enjoy an after Wine Spritzer w'Juice, along with 2 complimentary movie gift cards for a movie of your choice sure way to complete your Besties Getaway!

75 min. $ 170                       ((Add $30 for Hot Stone))

Tone & Stone: Guy time so unwind from a hard days work, start with some Enigma or Smooth Jazz while we tone up those fascial muscle with a nice invigoratin fascial scrub then hot towel to the face, re-energize your body with deep-tissue then add some heated stones to the mix and work out those tight muscles. Cool down with some cold marbles applied to the face and eyes a nice head and scalp massage. Now your ready for an Ice Cold Tea, Chips & Salsa.

75-90 min. $ 110-$ 145

Re-Balance & Rejuve Hot /Cold Stone: Our luxurious ladies only specialty treatment we first use smooth flat stones that are heated and applied to the skin, while the heat of the stones is so relaxing clients receive deeper work when muscles aren’t as tense. Aroma-fascial scrub is gently massaged to lift away impurities rebalance the tone of skin and neck. Cold marbles are then incorporated as they remove heat from the body (ideal for the face and puffy eyes) and help to strengthen on a cellular level. Wonderful side by side in a couples massage too!

75-90 min. $ 105-$ 135

Mommy 2 Be: We take special care of our Mommy's 2 Be offering you our unconditional guidance and emotional support. Prenatal massage is typically done prone (lying down with cushions) prior to your 2nd trimester, however side-lying is standard as your therapist will safely position you with pillows for your comfort. One of the benefits of prenatal massage is that throughout your nine month term you may get massage, granted there are no high risk factors. A physicians referral or written consent may be required for high risk pregnancies. With these changes you may at times feel discomfort, hormonal inbalances and back pain one of the most signifcant with expectant Mothers. Some also will experience gas.constipation, or indegestion, joint pain and weakness in the muscles or even neck tension. Speak with your therapist about any concerns you may have or recent changes you may be experiencing.  (See our FAQS page)

60-90 min.  $ 90-$ 120

♥Young @ Heart: We take special pride in all of our clients especially those that have cared for people and family their whole life. Designed for our Young at Heart 60 and older, we request a simple medical /allergian /skin condition form to fill out. We are happy to listen in on your lifestyle to formulate the best touch treatment for your needs. Receive a complimentary assessment over a hot cup of Chamomile tea.  As life changes our skin integrity, elasticity, balance and circulatory system changes as well. Ideally, massage is based on skin, mobility, pathegens, cognitive as well as mental functions. Medicines can cause temporary or permanent physiological stimulations, mood swings & inbalance with the clients gait. If neccessary a Physicians permisssion form will be required to allow for treatment massage. You will experience the lightest of touch therapies to ensure safety and an uncompromisable level of care personalized for you. Please note we may advise based on assessment a 20-30 minute only massage lying supine. (Face up)

30 min. Tea Time /Assessment       

20-30 min. Therapy Treatment $ 50-$ 60

Regional Massage: We will have you face down so we can focus on the upper region of the body where your tight muscles and back are tense, taut shoulder & neck. Perfect on your breaktime or after work. You are going to feel relaxed and revived and ready for anything. Don't forget the tall glass of water our compliments.

30 min. $ 45

Epic Lower Leg /Foot Massage: Enjoy a nice hot mint tea as you sit on our Sette. The Epic is knee and down to the feet massage ideal for anyone on the go or working non-stop on their tired feet, perfect for sufferers of restless leg syndrome. Indulge and rest while we first apply hot steam towels for 5 minutes to wash away impurities then its on to the pampering your tired and over paved feet time. A cool Peppermint or Eucalyptus lotion will be applied to complete your foot massage. 

30 min.  $40

Chair Massage: Take a 10 minute load off and come right in on your lunch break to enjoy a relaxing seated style massage to relieve work load stress, boost mental clarity or just work on back and shoulder issues caused from poor posture or over worked muscles all day. Receive a glass of tall water afterwards.

10-15-20min.  $20, $25 and $30

Corporate Chair Event: Did you know you can boost performance and enhance the health of your company’s employees and overall morale. Increase employee productivity, decreases stress and improves mental clarity, focus & concentration. Created with the company in mind to help your employees with work-load stress, show how much you value their hard work as you are in business because of them and they are your greatest asset. We require a 4-6 week advance notice for your next company party or event. In essence, work place chair massage has a variety of benefits for both you and your employees.

*As an added bonus Owner will receive a 1 hour complimentary Swedish Massage* 

5-20 min. 

* Please use our contact page or call for more details regarding your companys employee size, how many therapist, date of type of event, and rates *

* A 35% deposit is required at time of booking in the form of your company check mailed to our office.*







Aromatherapy$15+ / 60 minutes
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